Web & Internet Business Services


What I Do

I provide an array of services to help my clients, helping them to leverage technology to build, manage, grow, and advance their businesses through unique cost effective solutions. From Design, Programming, Web Management, AI, IT Management, and Server Management.


I design and develop feature rich Websites, Web Apps, Business Applications and Software. I take a minimalistic driven approach to create impactful and elegant design to represent


With over 20 years of programming experience for business and internet. I bring custom tailored solutions to my Clientele’s businesses and digital investments.

Web Management

Many of my clients use my management services to keep their CMS, Business Software, Web Servers and many other of their businesses lot devices and services they run.


Whether it is AI Writing through Chat-GPT or AI Art through Mid-Journey. I am able to help you learn how to leverage AI in your business, to increase growth, understand your customers better or automate mundane tasks that eat up your precious time every day.

IT Consulting

Whether your just starting your company and need to plan out your technical infrastructure, or your business is growing and you want to strengthen or replan your infrastructure. I can help prepare for your growth and sustain it by cutting expenses, while increasing efficiency.

Server Management

Many of my clients have Dedicated Servers, Email Servers, or Hosting accounts that require management over system updates, maintenance, and/or on going support. With my long history of experience I can help manage small to mid ranged  IT Systems for my clients.

Application & Software Design

I can help plan and design custom Application and Software for your business to help production, increase sales and manage any part of your business.

Web Design

I design effective web sites to sell your business services, products or anything else to leave an impact on your customers to help solidify brand loyalty. 

CMS Management

Whether it is a platform like Square Space or a custom WordPress system I can help you manage it, maintain and extend it to fit your current and future business needs.


AI is a powerful tool in todays business world. Whether it is to leverage AI bots, art, neural networks, and everything else AI to help manage and propel your business into the future.

IT Consulting

Planning for a new online services and technology revamp of your business? I can consult you on what services & technologies best fits your business needs, and show you how to use it efficiently.

Server Management

To hire someone to manage your Web Servers and Web Services technology, cost you twice their annual salary. I can shave that cost by offering Server Management services at a fraction of the cost.

Recent Work

These are samples of some of my most recent work!

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I will respond to all emails within 24 hours Monday-Friday. If your email is sent on Friday or on Saturday or Sunday I will respond on Monday at the latest.